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woman need to fuck a man 5 years ago
You guys sound stupid. If you right then women wouldn't bed tots. You rush through foreplay and only want to get your rocks off. Until you improve your technique don't blame a woman for buying equipment to suit her needs.
Horny 5 years ago
My pussy needs to be pounded like that
JustAGuy 11 years ago
After reading mopst of the comments made by men, I have come to the conclusion that half of yall dont appreciate your wifes, and the other half are afraid of getting re-placed by a fake dick...
Sarah 5 years ago
I wonder where she got that from...!? I'd never need a man again
lol 9 years ago
Lol I love how you men have all your fucking machine fleshlight contraptions that connect to porn and sync with blowjob videos, but you're all freaking out over this and how women shouldnt use it. You're all pathetic and desperate.
???? 12 years ago
for an engineer's point of view, that machine is way sexier than a girl. seriously, I'm a guy and I want it, just to take it apart and see how it works
Haha 5 years ago
I wonder if it has a spin cycle
Snake 5 years ago
Finally... A weapon to surpass... Metal Gear!
... 5 years ago
Innovative that excites!!!!
Dam funny 5 years ago
Todd Howard you just made my night man. Funny shit! Lmao