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Sarah L 7 years ago
Say no to socks.
Holy fuck 7 years ago
She fucking destroyed that pussy man thats my kind of woman makes me wish she liked dick.
People 7 years ago
Keep on saying that they're ugly or that this was boring or strange. I'd like to inform you that if you are looking for straight porn with a pornstar and a set, there are millions of other videos out there for you to watch. This was the first "real" lesbian porn video I'd seen. God, they are so fucking sexy.
ralpho john webb 7 years ago
Hi ya I've got a 8 inch shoe but size 5 feet lol X
Bonnibel 7 years ago
This is how my exgf will finger me... minus the hand sniffing part
lesbians 7 years ago
all women are bi or les. they born knowing how to rub pussy each other, or lick them.
I couldn't finished 8 years ago
This vid is boring as hell
little ole me 8 years ago
i fucking love the black socks. I can tell she was turning a bitch out. Love those days
tom 8 years ago
hot hot
Ray 8 years ago
Great video..